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Constellation Therapy, Move out of stuck

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7 Dates Through Aug 29, 2019

Do you have a situation that overwhelms or confuses you?

Are you tired of the same reaction each time you are touched , psychologically or physically or 
experientially in the same way. 

Do you have a sense of greif or sadness or hesitation or of desire to escape and you are not 
sure of where this feeling comes nor do you know how to handle it?

Do you have an ongoing concern with a particular person or the same concern repeats 
a pattern with different people in your life. But these persons fill the same role,i.e. Lover, Authoritarian, etc?

You may be ready for a Constellation where you can see the subconscious events driving this 
reaction in you. 

Register today, either as a person requiring the constellation or wanting to participate in a constellation.

Schedule is :  May 10 witness only
                       May 30 7pm
                       August 29 7pm
                       September 29 , Saturday 9am
                       October 24 7pm                    


You cannot have a constellation as a worker
if you have had a constellation in the past 12 months.